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For the earnest expectation of the creation eagerly waits for the revealing of the sons of God.

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Describing the Impossible

Isaiah 53:1 (NKJV) Who has believed our report? And to whom has the arm of the LORD been revealed?

Recently, I had a powerful experience with the Lord. I was having breakfast and speaking with Him. I must have said something quite stirring, I don’t remember what, but I suddenly perceived legions of angels about me. They were drawing in closer to me and I knew it was because of something I said; I was blessing the Lord in my thoughts. The words “Sons of Thunder” came to me by the Spirit. And wow, did I suddenly feel like a lightning rod!

Either way, I continued speaking with the Lord. At one point He responded to me with just two or three words. It was a word pun but so full of meaning. For the last several years, the Lord has been intensely building a lexicon within me and an interesting understanding of the nature of language. It hasn’t just been my fascination with Hebrew but patterns within languages and speech, in general, that has made His word puns even more complex; it’s just like having a large amount of data compressed into a small file. So, to explain what the Lord meant at that moment and the revelation He brought with those few words would take me pages to write!

I cannot even tell you what it was that He said and the revelation He brought because what happened next completely shattered my train of thought. In that moment I was so in awe of how the Word of God Himself has, well, a way with words. It is that beyond razor-sharp precision of the Sword of the Spirit, and it is astounding! Just these few words caused me to begin adoring Him. In my mind, I was just trying to describe His beauty and how in love I am with this one called to be our Bridegroom, the Word of God.

Suddenly, I had the most intense sensation. I can only describe what seemed to be electricity upon my tongue. It wasn’t a small spark at all! I also felt as though power was building up in the middle of my forehead. The more I tried to describe the Lord, the more that this pressure grew. At the same time, a vision came to my mind. I was in a dark place, save for flashes of lightning and the Lord Himself who was outlined by lightning upon His form. He was seated on a throne at the what seemed to be the top of a mountain summit. He got up and began walking down the steps toward me. With every step, that pressure built up in my head and I felt that, if I finally found the words to describe Him, that power would burst through my head! Was I going to die?

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Love Will Lift Us

I wanted to share some encouragement and insight from God’s heart that I received last night. We are certainly in a season of transition where many in the Body of Christ are crossing over into their personal Promised Land. Something I have been seeing echoed by different prophetic voices is the fact that, as we cross over we need to position ourselves to receive revelation concerning that which lies ahead. A recent word by prophet Lana Vawser is a prime example of what others in the Body have been seeing and sensing.

In recent years, I have personally been experiencing much persecution in preparation to cross over into my personal Promised Land. Recently, through a close friend and sister in Christ, the Lord reminded me of Rick Joyner’s The Torch and Sword. In his book, an important key demonstrated for coming through the enemy’s ranks and to Christ’s stream of living, refreshing water is looking for the weakest point to come through. One of those points is the division of the army called “ridicule.” That has certainly been the division I’ve been walking through!

Last night, I laid down and was thoroughly exhausted from another day in this part of the journey. Still feeling the sting of the arrows of ridicule and with no place to go where I could openly seek the Lord to worship and cry, I was too grieved to fall asleep. Yet Christ blessed me greatly in this moment. He reached between the veil of heaven and earth, and I felt Him grab me and hold me! Miracle of miracles, I cried softly in this world yet, in the Spirit, perfect love held me in His arms!

I relaxed a little and rested a bit more with His comfort. After a few minutes, I heard in the Spirit, “What’s the rush? Exhilarating.” Then over and over, I kept feeling this rush of wind and energy over my entire being going from head to toe. I felt like I was on Star Trek, and I was being “beamed up” or “energized”—literally energized! With wave after wave, I felt lighter and lighter. Then in the Spirit, I saw angels dancing around me in a circle. I have been seeing this for several days now. Angels will just appear around me in a circle, hemming me in. I knew this represented God’s whirlwind as well as His hedge of protection surrounding me.

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