Isaiah 53:1 (NKJV) Who has believed our report? And to whom has the arm of the LORD been revealed?

Recently, I had a powerful experience with the Lord. I was having breakfast and speaking with Him. I must have said something quite stirring, I don’t remember what, but I suddenly perceived legions of angels about me. They were drawing in closer to me and I knew it was because of something I said; I was blessing the Lord in my thoughts. The words “Sons of Thunder” came to me by the Spirit. And wow, did I suddenly feel like a lightning rod!

Either way, I continued speaking with the Lord. At one point He responded to me with just two or three words. It was a word pun but so full of meaning. For the last several years, the Lord has been intensely building a lexicon within me and an interesting understanding of the nature of language. It hasn’t just been my fascination with Hebrew but patterns within languages and speech, in general, that has made His word puns even more complex; it’s just like having a large amount of data compressed into a small file. So, to explain what the Lord meant at that moment and the revelation He brought with those few words would take me pages to write!

I cannot even tell you what it was that He said and the revelation He brought because what happened next completely shattered my train of thought. In that moment I was so in awe of how the Word of God Himself has, well, a way with words. It is that beyond razor-sharp precision of the Sword of the Spirit, and it is astounding! Just these few words caused me to begin adoring Him. In my mind, I was just trying to describe His beauty and how in love I am with this one called to be our Bridegroom, the Word of God.

Suddenly, I had the most intense sensation. I can only describe what seemed to be electricity upon my tongue. It wasn’t a small spark at all! I also felt as though power was building up in the middle of my forehead. The more I tried to describe the Lord, the more that this pressure grew. At the same time, a vision came to my mind. I was in a dark place, save for flashes of lightning and the Lord Himself who was outlined by lightning upon His form. He was seated on a throne at the what seemed to be the top of a mountain summit. He got up and began walking down the steps toward me. With every step, that pressure built up in my head and I felt that, if I finally found the words to describe Him, that power would burst through my head! Was I going to die?

In that moment, I remembered two witnesses I had received in the past week. I remember watching a video by Ian Clayton about Exodus 20, and the cloud of thick darkness near Mount Sinai. He spoke about how Moses was brave enough to draw near to that thick darkness. He also described his own experiences with the Lord, darkness, and drawing near. A day or so later, someone on the Quickened Word Forum spoke about the exact same thing.

So, there I was in that thick darkness and most certainly trembling with the fear of the LORD. And in that moment, I decided that it was better to die trying to tell my King how beautiful He is than to remain silent. I opened my mouth to whisper my thoughts this time, and I felt energy discharge from my lips. The alarming pressure was now gone from inside my head.

The Lord came up to me and placed a microphone in front of me that was outlined with electricity. Once again, I was reminded of the vision I had at the beginning of this summer concerning my commission. I was standing in a church upon the stage, and the Lord wanted me to step up to the microphone. “Speak,” He said. “Do not be afraid.”

Now, I had a different perspective of this vision. As He drew near to me, I could feel the power and weight of His glory like never before! He placed a crown upon my head and it too looked like lightning. I was reminded of Bill Burns vision about the Thrones of David. For the first in my encounters with God, I could feel how His power might come through me! I trembled greatly, and only by His grace, I did not fall to the ground!

The Lord continued to speak many things to me after this. I saw a sea of other people lined up next to me and behind me. There were rows and rows of people standing in lines like soldiers awaiting their crowns. They stood in almost a dormant state. I sensed some were less dormant than others, you could say not asleep but “sleepy”. I sensed a few were awake and moving quietly throughout the lines; they were searching for something. Though most were not moving, I knew that all were awaiting God’s power, His touch. I knew it was time for all to awaken, and the Lord spoke of turning the power back on. I knew this had to do with the display of power from the last days outpouring of the Spirit.

Later that same day, the Lord brought me an interesting confirmation of my experience and His call to speak for Him. He led me to a video of an artist named Akiane Kramarik called “Painting the Impossible”. She has been having visions and dreams since she was a small child. Her testimony is amazing especially about attempting to paint the face of Yeshua. I could identify with how she felt as she tried and tried to paint what she had seen in her visions. I also understood the ridicule she went through as she shared her experiences with others. As I listened to her testimony, I could see the Lord smiling at me.

For too long, I have remained silent about my experiences with God fearful of what others might think about them, about me, and especially about Him. Too long I have feared that I would not be able to adequately describe my Beloved, my Prince of Peace. Yet today, I saw the gift of God’s intense training in my life. It has been a painstaking process to not only let Him cleanse my temple but to overcome the fear of speaking, the fear of being who He created me to be. I know that it is time for me to step out and to be who He created me to be.

Friends of God, no matter who does or does not believe our report. Like Moses, we may fear that we are unqualified and unable to speak for Him. However, God is truly able to fill our mouths with His Word and His power. His Word has more power than what we have seen unleashed in past generations! Praise God for the times we are living in! Who else wants to be in that number? Because it is time for the saints to go marching in!