One night recently, as I was getting ready for bed, I sensed a presence “arrive” in the room. I discerned that it was an angel. I quieted myself, and then I saw him in my mind’s eye. He had very long, straight pale hair. He was wearing black clothing with shiny, silver armor over it. I admit that at first, I was a little guarded because of his appearance. First, he looked a little like something out of a fantasy movie! Since I used to watch a lot of fantasy and science-fiction, I try to be careful when discerning what I see. Secondly, black isn’t usually seen as a holy color. However, I remembered from colors and meanings in prophetic artwork that black can have a positive meaning. I felt the Spirit telling me to relax and inquire; I sensed the angel’s appearance was meant to communicate something to me from my personal experiences.

I asked the angel what his name was and he said, “Winds of Change”. Now, I’ve been hearing about this angel for the last few years. And although this was my first time “seeing” him, I have definitely sensed him stirring the atmosphere at season changes—in the natural and spiritual. (In fact, just yesterday, I clearly discerned him upon the wind, heralding a season change!)

He walked over to me, placed a note into my hand, and said, “The day and the hour is at hand.” I sensed he was giving me a note from the Father and that the message was in regards to this next season change. Clearly, this angel was here to herald that it was time on the earthly clock and calendar for the fulfillment of one of God’s promises to me.

Well, I thought that this was the end of his message. I admit, I am new to angel visitations and am learning that I should have the heart of a child, and not be afraid to ask questions; however, no other questions occurred to me at that moment. (Well, none that I thought he was allowed to answer.) Yet this didn’t deter God’s messenger from continuing with the message. As I went to go finish up a few tasks, he suddenly appeared again, standing behind me. He grabbed me around the waist and, in the Spirit, I could feel us flying or hovering upward.

“I’m teaching you to fly in recovery mode,” Winds of Change said. In the Spirit, I heard the sound of a helicopter. Immediately, I was reminded of a prophetic word called A New Wave of Deliverers and it’s accompanying helicopter graphic. “This is your recovery vehicle. You have a lot to learn. I’ll be teaching you.”

“What do you as the winds of change have to do with recovery?” I asked. “And what kind of recovery?”

“Recovery of the breath,” he answered. “You have your med-kit ready.” In the Spirit, I saw myself like a doctor, and I had an emergency medical field kit hanging over my shoulders. “You’ll be operating on the slide. Your countrymen need you. With your med-kit available, undercover, you will be escorting them to new heights to explore the Land.”

This quick lesson from Winds of Change imparted a lot of insight for me. As I pondered it, the Lord drew me to the meaning of the color black that the angel was wearing. Like dark, “broody” clouds, black is connected to God’s Spirit when it hovered over the face of the waters in Genesis 1. At that time, creation was “without form and void”—it was a chaotic mess. The Spirit or Wind of God lovingly brooded over creation ready to carry out God’s instructions to bring forth its hidden potential and life. Black is also reminiscent of being hidden under the “shadow” of God’s wings. When all around us in chaos, God’s shadow is our refuge.

Recently, God has been reminding me of words, dreams, and visions He has given myself and others in the prophetic about the coming times. While storms, chaos, and darkness may loom on the horizon of the Millenial Kingdom, it is as though we are approaching the first day of creation again. It is also reminiscent of the days of Noah. Both times, God’s Spirit brooded and hovered over the waters to bring forth new life and new beginnings. God brought forth order and life from chaos and emptiness.

As Spirit-filled messengers of the Gospel, we too are called to bring order in the midst of chaos, and healing and new life where there was once death. Much like military medical officers are trained and prepared to fly into a war zone in helicopters and attend to the wounded, there are those in the Kingdom called to the same task. God chooses His most trained and trusted vessels to be deliverers. In partnership with the angelic, these deliverers are sent to those who are crying out for healing and freedom from the trauma of their pasts and the bondage of sin that has resulted.

Deliverers are sent to minister to people and bring recovery, revival (Hosea 6:2)—and often in the very areas where they have personally experienced God’s healing touch and deliverance. True change can only happen when the Spirit brings liberty. Once free from the pain and baggage of the past, God’s people are free to mature in Christ, soar to new heights in the Spirit, and embrace the Land of Promise that He has redeemed for them!